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October 26, 2021

Sports Offered

Training and competitions are currently offered in the sports of athletics (track & field), basketball, bocce, bowling, cheerleading, dance sport, flag football golf, snowshoeing, soccer, softball, and swimming. Sports may be added based upon athlete and coach interest, and available funding to support equipment, training, and competition.

Winter Sports Season

December – March

Sports offered


  • Training season begins in December
  • SOUT Snowshoe Invitational held in February and is open to all athletes participating in local training sessions

Basketball & Motor Activity Training Program (MATP)

  • Area Basketball Tournaments are held in February and serve as qualifiers for the SOUT Basketball Tournament
  • SOUT State Basketball Tournament is held in March

Alpine Skiing & Snowboarding (COMING WINTER 2023!)

Spring Sports Season

April – June

Sports offered

Athletics (track & field), Cheerleading, Softball, Swimming and Motor Activity Training Program (MATP)

  • Training season begins in April
  • Area competitions are held throughout April and May and serve as qualifiers for the SOUT Summer Games
  • SOUT State Summer Games is typically held in June (for 2021 will take place on May 20 & 21 due to the USA Games on June 4-12)

Summer Sports Season

June – September

Sports Offered

Bowling & Cycling (COMING SUMMER 2022!)

  • Training season begins in June
  • Area Bowling Tournaments are held in July and serve as qualifiers for SOUT Bowling Tournament
  • State Bowling Tournament is held in August
  • SOUT Cycling Invitational will be a stand alone event with date and location TBD

Fall Sports Season

September – November

Sports offered

Bocce, DanceSport, Flag Football, Golf, Soccer & Motor Activity Training Program (MATP)

  • Training season begins in August
  • Area Bocce Tournament are held in September and serve as qualifiers for the SOUT Fall Sports Classic
  • SOUT Fall Sports Classic is held in October and includes the sports of bocce, golf, soccer and MATP
  • SOUT Flag Football Tournament is a stand alone event held at the end of October
  • SOUT DanceSport Invitational is a stand alone event held in November

For additional information on SOUT sports and competition events contact us at 801-363-1111 and follow us on Facebook.

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