Area Programs & Head of Delegation

Area Programs

Special Olympics Utah is divided into five geographic areas – North, Northeast, Metro, Central, and South. Area Managers are recruited to provide leadership, administration and oversight of Special Olympics training, competition, fundraising, health & fitness, athlete leadership, and local program activities within the counties that make up the area. The number of Unified Champions Schools and community-based teams in each area will vary depending upon population, athlete interest and volunteer resources.

Head of Delegation

The success of a Special Olympics athlete’s experience starts at the local level. From training to competition, most of an athlete’s participation in Special Olympics is done locally with their team. To best support athletes, Unified partners, and coaches at the local level, SOUT recruits volunteers to serve as the Head of Delegation (HOD’s) to oversee the management of local teams.

Responsibilities of the HOD include:

  • Serve as primary contact for your Delegation and responsible for coordination with Area Manager
  • Oversight of Delegation’s management team (Head Coach, coaching staff, team administrator, etc.)
  • Timely collection of required paperwork
  • Work with Head Coach on training season and weekly practices
  • Represent Delegation on preseason HOD calls and event HOD meetings
  • Oversight of Delegation’s budget, fundraising and expenditures

Head of Delegation Forms & Resources

For additional information on Area Management or Head of Delegation contact Yolanda Kunder at .